Wanted to access, modify and save files on Windows 10 host, from Ubuntu 18.04 virtualbox.

In doing so, I have encountered a few issues: 1) added the shared folder, and created a mount point on Ubuntu desktop. However, I have to run this command, "sudo mount -t vboxsf Shared ~/Desktop/windowsShare" to mount after every power off.

Is there a way to make this permanent? When adding the shared folder, I have checked 'auto-mount' and 'make it permanent'

2) after mounting, I am able to read the (text) file in the shared folder. When I try to modify and save, however,this error appears: Could not save the file “~/Desktop///”.

To address this, I have tried changing access permissions of the shared folder on Windows by: 1) Unchecking the 'Read-only' attribute of the folder, but it reappears after closing the windows. Online research suggests the folder attribute can't be changed from the Windows GUI.

2) Opening the Sharing tab, click "share", and add "Users" to share with. Permission level set to 'Read/Write' Reopening the network access from the sharing tab, I have found that "Users" is missing. Readding it doesn't persist after the windows is closed. So, I have added "Everyone" instead with the same permission level. This seems to stick.

3) Opening the Security tab, click "Edit" and add "Users" in Groups or user names. Permissions set is 'Full control'.

On Windows> Network > , I could see the Shared folder, and the text file it contains.

Referring to this post, Not able to modify shared folders from windows 10 to ubuntu 18.04, doesn't resolve the issue.

As a beginner, I am unsure if I have missed anything. Grateful for any advice. Thanks!

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