I just got a Dell Inspiron 7580 with Windows 10 pre-installed. I wanted to install Ubuntu so I followed the usual instructions:

  • Disabled Secure Boot
  • Disabled Fast Startup

Then I tried to install from a USB stick but the installer could see no disks at all. I then changed from RAID to AHCI. The installation was completed successfully and everything seemed to work fine.

After the installation I wanted to check the pre-existing Windows 10 installation and selected Windows Boot Manager, only to see the infamous INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE screen.

Everything is OK in the Ubuntu installation.

A pre-installed recovery tool from Dell reinstalled Windows 10 but still the INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE message appears.


My problem was apparently different from the suggested question.

The issue I had was that in AHCI mode, Ubuntu booted and worked normally but Windows did not boot at all. Then I switched to RAID and notice that Windows booted and worked normally but Ubuntu did not boot at all.

The problem was that I had switched from RAID to AHCI without safe mode in Windows. When I applied the same switch but in safe mode everything worked fine.

  • Thanks for the tip! For other readers: superuser.com/a/1359471/10136 describes the way to make the change without breaking Windows (by booting into safe mode right after the change). – Nickolay Oct 14 at 0:03

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