In my Acer product there is feature called "Acer TrueHarmony" which makes laptop's sound amazing!!

Is it possible to get this feature on Ubuntu? Or may be get similar results?

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    Don't get too excited about mfr features - sometimes they are selling hot air. In this case it appears that "TrueHarmony" is just what they call their speakers (hardware) alongside proprietary equalizer and loudness equalization software. The hardware is not going to be different changing the OS -- if they don't make software for Linux it seems all you need to do the same is to set up an equalizer like pulseaudio-equalizer. Or just set up equalizers in individual software, like VLC. – Nmath Jul 13 '19 at 18:36
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    Reviewers - Please don't close this question as unclear even though you didn't know how to answer it because someone else did know how to answer it. Don't be sad, be happy and give the person who answered it credit for his work. – karel Jul 13 '19 at 19:17

It seems Acer TrueHarmony is what Acer calls their combination of audio hardware and drivers. The hardware, of course, would give the same results regardless of the operating system. I would recommend using the answers from this question to create the audio effects you want.

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