I just update Libreoffice because it wasn't working properly by: snap install libreoffice

But I install a newer version and keep the old one. And did not get the programs working yet.

So I update and install Libre office: sudo apt-get update *sudo apt-get install libreoffice**

But I found out that there was two versions of Libre office 6.0 and 6.2 So I decided to remove the older one: sudo apt-get remove libreoffice 6.0

Here comes the problem: I can not explain how but my mail client (Evolution) has gone. With all my job mails.

Can anyone please help me to recover all my mails?

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Probably, when you uninstalled Libreoffice you uninstalled a lot more with it and probably also the ubuntu-desktop package.

Try sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop to hopefully reinstall the unintentionally removed packages.

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