I've just acquired a cloud web hosting service. The server runs Ubuntu OS and I managed to install GUI on it. Now I can only log into it as a guest. The web hosting company provided me with log in details. I want to log in as administrator but I can't, even the options to add new accounts in the settings are locked and the unlock button is unresponsive

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  • well the first account created there is necessarily a/the administrator. And on ubuntu accounts with root privveleges don't have to have a special name like "administrator" like they do on windows. it can be called anything. you can however create a su account so that you can log in to "master" root priveleges. askubuntu.com/questions/155278/… this is probably what you are looking for. be warned though. the absence by default of this account exists to protect you and sudo exists to protect you too. I went through the same . – tatsu Jul 12 at 13:39

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