I want to use Shell to run my Python script and use the variable from for loop to name my output file

for i in 1 2 3 4 5
setsid python main.py 1>data/$i$_logfile.txt 2>&1

But I got 1.txt not 1_logfile.txt. How can I do it successfully?


Because _ is a valid character for a variable name, you need to use the ${varname} syntax to let the shell know the end of the variable name. Otherwise, you have $i and $_logfile as variables, but the latter is empty.

The syntax $i$ does not exist.


setsid python main.py 1>data/${i}_logfile.txt 2>&1

Note that $variable is actually a simplified form of ${variable}. In contexts where the $variable syntax causes an error, the longer form may work. (via)

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