So I built a new server with 18.04.2 LTS Alternative. Installed with full disk encryption and then realized I had to enter my encryption key on every reboot. It's a media server, I don't need full disk encryption. Never has the GNU GRUB window appeared when I did the initial install.

Now, after I did a fresh install without encryption, it appears every time waiting 30 seconds before booting into Ubuntu. I don't understand why, I only have one OS and I set GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT to 0.

Did I officially break my server or is this normal for non-encrypted Ubuntu? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Try adding this line to /etc/default/grub : GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT=$GRUB_TIMEOUT assuming GRUB_TIMEOUT was defined in a previous line. remember to do sudo update-grub afterwards. – Doug Smythies Jul 11 at 21:42

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