I want to run two different instances of a program in two different terminals. and check the variables inside the program if they match all the time or not.

What I really want to do here is, do observational Determinism in two different programs. I will be calling different functions in both the programs in both the terminal and their respective states.

How can I do so?

I will be running a program, that runs fuzzing campaign on a solidity contract(these are the codes that govern the rule of an application on Ethereum Blockchain).

This program echidna (https://github.com/crytic/echidna), run campaign only on one file of the contract.

I want to test the same file in 2 different terminals, with the same set of inputs provided to it.

So, here I want to compare the state transitions on both the campaigns. Som can I somehow, share their variable storage pool, and compare the states?

(I will add the functionality to temporarily store the states)

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    What will you be comparing? The program output? Then just redirect the output of each program to a different file and compare the files. I don't understand what you need here. – terdon Jul 11 at 9:48
  • Let me make it a little detailed. – Aman Pandey Jul 11 at 11:44
  • Isn't this more about programming and debugging than about Ubuntu ? – Soren A Jul 11 at 11:55
  • I thought its more of a terminal based, maybe sharing of the memory pool. Should I move it to stackoverflow? – Aman Pandey Jul 11 at 14:12

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