jamendo is open music platform for artists and listers, i know that debian was on jamendo on the stores on rhythmbox by default, and also ubuntu use to have

so why is not been there anymore on ubuntu ? is it because of ubuntu one ?

and how can i add jamendo to the music players like rhythmbox and banshee ?

magnatune store is on rhytmbox plugins bu t not on banshee ?

can we expect jamendo to be include on next release , that i am using beta version, of ubuntu 12.04?

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Jamendo was removed from the upstream code, for Rhythmbox. Banshee does not ship a Magnatune store, as far as I know. To get Jamendo in Banshee, it looks like you can install the banshee-extension-jamendo package. I have not tried it though.

http://git.gnome.org/browse/rhythmbox/commit/?id=5db81f7c22d7d558663e2f6db3bdcb871d3d482f is the commit where Jamendo was removed from Rhythmbox. It looks like it wasn't technically feasible to keep around for now. I suspect because of the way Jamendo works as a store, it had to be implemented in a certain way, and that it isn't good from a technical/performance perspective, as it required downloading the entire catalog all the time. Its removal from Rhythmbox has nothing to do with Ubuntu One though. It was a purely upstream decision.


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