I working on Kde Neon distro who based on ubuntu LTS version of 18.04.02 I notice that my operation system uses a lot of memory even when I not using the system at least one hour or even more it can take at least 5.6 or going to 7.5 GB in a hour.

Only when I open some programm the memory is dropped down to his natural using memory to 400-600mb.

I checked some proccess on top, htop, ps and I dont see anything who can take a lot of memory even when the all programms closed, the system is not in work couple of hours.

I tried to check it with Kwin, plasmadesktop,but they don't shows some notice or warnings to using high memory.

I fixed. It was about baloo indexing files in home directory page ./config/baloofilerc you to change from only basic indexing=true to false.

You just don't disable the proccess, you also need to check that the in the file you're basic indexing is not in true.

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