I have a custom board using an IMX6 processor and have a minimal Ubuntu 18.04.2 installed, I am experiencing slow boot times ~30s (~5s kernel, rest is userspace).

From what I can tell a lot of the time is taken up configuring devices ~12s. I am assuming these devices are detected dynamically.

Please see here for the original output of systemd-analyze plot. I have since disabled some services but only saved a few seconds from this.

My devices do not change, except sometimes an sdcard is inserted but only for development.

The /dev folder is mounted as devtmpfs.

Is it possible to make these devices static so they don't have to be dynamically configured on boot? If that's the case.

Please note this board and software is not my design, I have picked it up from someone that is no longer around and am trying to improve/finish it. I have limited Linux development experience as well.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Chris.

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