I had file1:

MSTRG.10807.1   0.494311896511595   MID    0.423993026403461 2.39379412548345   1.99703339651136
MSTRG.10884.1   0.365770947942799   EARLY  1.46416917664929   1.16816186543633   0.689075392478972
MSTRG.10958.1   0.52855355823638    MID    0.885493751836316  2.28463841550375   1.26867555157512

I used command the sed 's/ /,/g' file1 > file2 and this produced file2:


But I want a tab-delimited file.


If you want the tab character, use \t as the replace pattern instead of ,.

If you want just one tab (or comma) to replace multiple spaces, add \+ after the space:

sed 's/ \+/\t/g' file1 > file2

Use tr:

tr -s ' ' '\t' < file1 > file2

-s, --squeeze-repeats
replace each sequence of a repeated character that is listed in the last specified SET, with a single occurrence of that character

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