Folks - please assist me.. since I am struggling to upgrade from 15.04 version to 18.04 or 19.04 whichever is possible. Let me describe my issue. I have high end desktop with more than sufficient RAM and CPU power. I was happy with 15.04 and I ignored few upgrades. Now, I need higher version since I am unable to get Python work due to Java version issue. However, I already tried couple of ways to upgrade as specified on Ubuntu site. My Desktop had WinXp installed - from which I installed Ubuntu 15.04 to run parallel - however, now WinXp faces issues with network card - so I cannot use my Internet to perform upgrade to 16.04 and then go further. I tried creating bootable USB - my desktop checks for USB during boot but it does not perform. I checked downloaded iso still no luck. Tried USB with "DD" option - still my desktop does not boot via USB. My CD-W has gone crap - due to non-usage for couple of years. Is there any iso which can be downloaded on USB and can be used for direct installation - kind off - removing 15.04 and installing directly 18.04 or 19.04 whichever possible?

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  • Is this dual-boot? Or is this VM (Win Host/Ubuntu Guest)? – user535733 Jul 9 at 15:47
  • If you cannot make your install image (.iso) bootable, then you are pretty much out of luck. Sorry. Using Windows to make a bootable USB is a Windows support question. Of course, Ubuntu has a built-in application (Startup Disk Creator) to do that...have you tried? – user535733 Jul 9 at 15:51
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    How old is this desktop, and do you know if it can BOOT(not only read) from USB? Do you have BIOS set to boot from USB? I have a high end(at the time) laptop that came with WinXP, it can only boot from dvd drive but has usb ports. – crip659 Jul 9 at 17:13
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    Possible duplicate of Bootable USB of Ubuntu Minimal CD – karel Jul 9 at 22:04
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    Thank you Karel for link. I tried to search before posting my query - may be my keywords were not good match. I would surely try during this weekend and post results. – Vijay Rajpal Jul 10 at 17:46

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