I recently bought a cable that I though was HDMI to DisplayPort, to use on my GeForce GT710, but when I plug the cable into my computer and monitor I get no signal. Is there any way I can get it to work? Now after some research I'm worried that the cable was actually meant for going the other way.

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.

  • No, I definitely tried that and it's not working. Tried on a Windows 10 machine as well. – simernes Jul 9 '19 at 11:20
  • @tatsu We can assume "not working" because of the precedent sentence. And no, video cable adapters are not always "both ways". IMO the OP is correct in assuming theirs is DP -> HDMI. – user880592 Jul 9 '19 at 12:56
  • oh, I would have never thought that. all my hdmi to dvi cables for example work both ways. I stand corrected. I also thought OP though hdmi to hdmi and display port to display port cables worked only in one dirrection. And if it didn't work on windows either then I don't see how this is an ubuntu question and not off-topic. – tatsu Jul 9 '19 at 13:03

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