I am working with

  • MacOS (Host)
  • Virtual Box 6.0.8
  • Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 (Guest)
  • Ubuntu Server 18.04 (Guest)

Was possible install without any problem both OS (Desktop and Server), both can run in peace.

For the Ubuntu Desktop I was able to use the .iso file to install the Guest Additions

The problem is for the Ubuntu Server it is not possible install the Guest Additions.

enter image description here

I always receive the following error:

enter image description here

I read many posts through this kind of question/answer network, and nothing, they mostly indicate to remove and reinstall the .iso (in my case about Controller: IDE for the Server) and/or not having the iso installed twice (in my case again about Controller: IDE for the Desktop). I did do both and nothing.

Thus I have: observe below for the Desktop I removed the iso from Controller: IDE because it was installed successfully and is not needed it anymore:

enter image description here

And Controller: IDE remains for Server

enter image description here

But the error remains.

Therefore wondered what is happening:

  • Why was possible have a successfully installation for the Desktop and not for the Server?
  • I have this situation having either server running or Desktop and Server running

What to do?, what is missing?

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