I was editing the bashrc script in my Windows 10 Ubuntu Bash and I made a mistake while editing the script. Now bash exits immediately upon opening it. Is there a way for me to open Bash without running bashrc, or will I have to reinstall it?

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    Why not just edit .bashrc from any Windows App such as Notepad++ ? – Carl Witthoft Jul 8 at 13:12
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    @CarlWitthoft I believe you can't (shouldn't?) edit WSL files from Windows (but you can do it the other way around). – Martin Jul 8 at 14:29
  • I believe that it is safe to rename WSL files from Windows — so just rename .bashrc to .bashrc.hold. Or is that dangerous too? – G-Man Jul 8 at 15:29

You should be able to skip loading the default .bashrc file in WSL in essentially the same way as in "regular" bash:

  --norc Do  not  read  and  execute  the system wide initialization file
          /etc/bash.bashrc and the personal initialization file  ~/.bashrc
          if  the  shell  is interactive.  This option is on by default if
          the shell is invoked as sh.

So, open the Windows CMD.exe and type

wsl.exe -e bash --norc

Once you are in the interactive shell you can revert the changes yo made to the ~/.bashrc file.

  • CMD? Why not PowerShell? Not perfect, but way better than cmd. – jpmc26 Jul 8 at 15:06
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    @jpmc26 - Because in this situation, it doesn't matter, both work and the result is the exact same, but cmd is faster to load and easier to open with purely keyboard commands – Taegost Jul 8 at 15:46
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    There's no need to open a prompt first at all, you can simply hit the windows key and type "wsl -e bash --norc" followed by enter. – SoronelHaetir Jul 8 at 19:55

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