I freshly installed Kubuntu 19.04 but I used my old home folder from Linux Mint. .bashrc and .profile are Kubuntu versions.

When using ssh, I everytime need to type my pass phrase. I can manually ssh-add my key but after a boot, I still need to enter my passphrase again. That's annoying.

ssh-agent seems to be running at the time I try to connect.

What could cause this?

  • this is true for kubuntu 20.04 too – Yuvaraj Oct 22 '20 at 15:03

KDE seems not to start ssh-agent automatically. To solve this, install ksshaskpass and

nano ~/.config/autostart-scripts/ssh-add.sh

Enter the following:

export SSH_ASKPASS=/usr/bin/ksshaskpass
/usr/bin/ssh-add $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa </dev/null

Check if the path is correct with whereis ksshaskpass If you have multiple keys just separate them with a space.

Make the script executable chmod u+x ~/.config/autostart-scripts/ssh-add.sh

Test it sh ~/.config/autostart-scripts/ssh-add.sh

After a log-off and in again you will be prompted for a passphrase and this time it will be stored.

  • How to add all keys automatically as we create one ? @Corni – Yuvaraj Oct 23 '20 at 6:04

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