My Ubuntu System(18.04 LTS) is just showing me like 'No Operating System Found' or 'Read Error' or Grub Error 'Unknown Error'. And also after I shutdown or switch on my system, some text is shown like command-line commands. I also tried typing ls but it didn't work and showed me an empty line in grub rescue mode. Also, it comes and then goes after some time. So please help me.

  • Welcome to Ask Ubuntu. It could be you are suffering from a disk failure or failing disk/sdd. I would check your drive's inbuilt diagnostics. The safest way to do this is via booting your system with a 'live' media such as Ubuntu install media (any version), and using smartctl or gnome-disks (the second is a GUI utility which is easier to operate; the first is command line & provides more detail but takes more effort to read). This may be helpful - askubuntu.com/questions/528072/… – guiverc Jul 7 at 14:43
  • The easiest first thing to try boot-repair but I'm not sure it will work in this case: How to make grub menu appear instead grub minimal bash-like in booting? – WinEunuuchs2Unix Jul 7 at 14:46

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