There is a guide here to disable auto-login after installation Lubuntu 19.04, but I couldn't find a way to enable it.

The only information about how to enable/disable it is as follows, but there is no details how to re-enable it.

If you have autologin enabled and want to disable autologin open the file /etc/sddm.conf as root. To do this run

lxqt-sudo featherpad

and open /etc/sddm.conf. Then to disable autologin remove the entire line [autologin].

Existing /etc/sddm.conf config

user@linux:~$ cat -n /etc/sddm.conf
     1  [Autologin]
     2  Session=Lubuntu
  • If your username is sabrina, insert User=sabrina immediately below [Autologin] (and above Session=Lubuntu). Doing so will enable Autologin. If you want to disable Autologin, comment out the line you added. – DK Bose Jul 6 at 13:01
  • And why do you want Autologin, any particular reason? – DK Bose Jul 6 at 13:04

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