Does anyone have any recommendation of an CLI tool for ubuntu that works as a log viewer?

I know you can do like sudo cat /var/log/mail.log to read that specific log file.

But maybe there is a tool that has a cute cli interface for browsing all logs that say exist inside the /var/log folder and it's subfolders ? :)


Yes, there is such a tool

Read man journalctl

In my ~/.bashrc, in order to save typing, I have

alias jc=journalctl

I use jc -u postfix.service to look at my mailer logs.

jc -h, jc --fields, jc --field=FIELD will show what you can ask journalctl about on YOUR system.

I also use "journalctl parenthesis". In ~/.bashrc:

# tsjou "18-11-01 01:55:28" for journalctl --since
alias tsjou="date '+%y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'"

# record beginning for journalctl
alias jstart="JSTART_TIME=\"\$(tsjou)\""
#show journal since `jstart`
alias jend="journalctl --since=\"\$JSTART_TIME\""

Then, just BEFORE I "do it" (connect the device or other action that creates log entries):


Then, I do the thing, wait a couple of seconds for the logs to "settle", and


will show me everything that been logged since jstart

jc /usr/sbin/NetworkManager to see what's up with networking.

One of my systems has been crashing (turned out to be power distribution). I use jc -b -1 -e to look at the end of the logs of the previous boot, in the hope of finding a commonality among the crashes. The lack of such a commonality was what led me to power.

jc --follow will follow the journal in near real time.

Looking through my bash history, I find I've used:

jc -b  _PID=1452 _PID=2772 _PID=2773
jc --since="14:25"
jc --since="2017-11-27 14:24:00" --until="2017-11-27 14:26:00" 
jc --since="-30 minutes"
jc --since="$(tsjou --date="09:30")"
jc --since="$(tsjou --date="march 28 09:55:00")"
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