During installation of Lubuntu 19.04, there is an option to Log in automatically without asking for the password.

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Unfortunately, I can't find this setting anymore after installation.

I searched on the net but couldn't find any similar issues.

E.g. https://www.smarthomebeginner.com/enable-lubuntu-auto-login/

is for 12.04 or lower and there is no directory named /etc/lxdm/ or /etc/lightdm/ in 19.04.


is for Ubuntu and there is no Automatic Login setting in User Accounts.


There is a section in the Lubuntu manual that deals with this :-


Chapter 3.1.9 SDDM configuration

Sddm is the display manager that shows up when you first log in to Lubuntu or logout or choose to another session. This has no graphical application to do this.


If you have autologin enabled and want to disable autologin open the file /etc/sddm.conf as root. To do this run

lxqt-sudo featherpad and open /etc/sddm.conf. Then to disable autologin remove the entire line [autologin].

To enable auto-login, you do the reverse (ie. add the line) but I would suggest reading it in the manual (it's better formatted than I can do)

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