It all started when I tried to factory reset my computer. I closed the "resetter" app while it's resetting. Now I ended up with CLI.

I tried to install Ubuntu desktop GUI using

sudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop 

but it didn't work. It says that they're unable to fetch archives

I have tried to update using apt-get update but it says

Reading package lists...Done
E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock -open (13: Permission denied)
E:Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists
W: Problem unlinking the file /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin -RemoveCaches (13: Permission denied)
W: Problem unlinking the file /var/cache/apt/srcpkgcache.bin - RemoveCaches (13: Permission denied)
  • Use of apt-update: apt-get [options] command. You are not providing any command: update, install remove, etc... – guillermo chamorro Jul 5 at 16:24
  • 2
    Did you use sudo with apt-get update? It needs sudo :P – Thomas Ward Jul 5 at 16:51
  • Also, if you are using Xubuntu (as the tag suggests), the default environment is XFCE and can be installed using sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop. – Kulfy Jul 5 at 17:19

To summarize up the comments and clearly state what a new user needs to do:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop

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