I edited my .profile file with xrandr to change framerate. Then I restart the computer and it gets freeze after the login screen. The mouse doesn't move, but the keyboard still works. How do I change framerate without freezing the screen? Or is there another way to change it but not using the .profile?

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    Can you login via a terminal? (eg. ctrl+alt+f4), or if you enabled openssh-server login from another box & make change remotely? – guiverc Jul 5 at 12:35
  • I was able to login by editing .profile to default. I use sudo -H gedit to edit it in my bootable usb. – Bo An Jul 5 at 12:50
  • don't use xrandr on ubuntu 19.04. xrandr and wayland don't mix. use ubuntu's builtin to change framerate. – tatsu Jul 5 at 12:55

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