I installed termite and set it as my default terminal using sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator x-terminal-emulator /usr/local/bin/termite 60 but decided I prefer the gnome terminal. The problem is that it seems to have broken, and whenever I try to open it, it returns

Error constructing proxy for org.gnome.Terminal:/org/gnome/Terminal/Factory0: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gnome.Terminal: Timeout was reached

Output from ls -alt /etc/alternatives: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yDj3pwMTCG/

  • I haven't used your other terminal but I would try sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-terminal and hope that works. – WinEunuuchs2Unix Jul 3 at 23:33
  • You used an incorrect command to change the alternatives. Edit your question and show me ls -alt /etc/alternatives (use paste.ubuntu.com) and cat /etc/alternatives/x-terminal-emulator. Be sure to use the {} formatting icon to make the pasted text human readable. – heynnema Jul 3 at 23:36
  • I did the first command, but I don't understand what you mean by the formatting icon. – Blunderfoot Jul 6 at 22:26

It seems to have been a problem with either Termite or the vte-ng library. Solution here: https://askubuntu.com/a/1010348/971943

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