I have Kubuntu 18.04 Plasma. GUI Network manager shows only WiFi and wired connections. When I connect GSM modem he shows nothing new. On terminal after nmcli I can see this modem. I tried with Huawei E173 and E180, in Ubuntu 16.04 both worked well.


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    Please edit your question with the make and model number for your GSM network adapter. Also, help bring us up to speed: what have you tried so far? Have you already tried to obtain drivers and support from the manufacturer of your networking device? – Nmath Jul 3 at 17:39
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    I solved the problem. Installation of network-manager-gui helped. – adam_b Jul 4 at 20:13
  • feel free to answer your own question with the steps you took to get there -- so that future visitors with the same problem can follow your instructions! – Nmath Jul 4 at 21:13

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