I have edited the log in screen and log in animation through plymouth. I prefer a total black screen or simillar theme. Everything is ok for now but when I hit enter after giving my password in the log in screen, a purple screen comes up for about 1 or 1/2 second, just before going to my desktop. I have searched and looked into a lot of file and now i am just exhausted, do anyone have any idea where I can get the file to change the color code or something like that?

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  • will it replace my current theme or any other customizations? – f4him Jul 2 at 16:43
  • if you change desktop session.. its entirely different.. yes you will not have even similar look of the default session that is Ubuntu.. – PRATAP Jul 2 at 17:41
  • you can try it without fear.. if you are not satisfied just use the default session at login.. – PRATAP Jul 2 at 17:43

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