As I wrote before, I happen to have an "ultra portable PC" (basically, a tablet with a poorly attached keyboard) on which I was able to install Lubuntu 19.04, but wasn't able to get WiFi to run ( Where can a driver for "Broadcom 802.11abgn Wireless SDIO Adapter" be obtained, for use with Ubuntu 19.04? ).

I remember a decade ago, when built-in WiFi adapters were not that common, I would sometimes use an external WiFi adapter, pluggable into a USB port, on various desktops and laptops. If I were to go to a store and purchase such an external (USB-pluggable) WiFi or Ethernet adaptor, would it be easy to get it to work with my Lubuntu PC/tablet (whatever you call it)? I mean, I have proper cables, but I wonder whether a device like this would work out of the box ("plug and play"), or whether I will need to get and install various drivers, do firmware updates etc etc, along the lines of what the users of internal WiFi cards often have to go thru?

Thanks much for any insights, or personal experience accounts!

  • Ehternet are usually supported out of the box, WiFi depends on the chipset. – GabrielaGarcia Jul 1 at 17:46

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