Looking for way to create virtual gui desktop container inside container e.g docker or LXD whichever is better

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    Docker/containers are not virtualization... They are just processes running in their filesystem/network "bubble". You could have a specific app in a container that uses an X-Server on the container host but that would be complicated to setup, and there are better alternatives (Snap/Flatpak/AppImage). – xenoid Jun 30 at 9:45
  • It's not really accurate to say that containers are not virtualisation. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OS-level_virtualisation – Cipher Menial Jul 1 at 7:05

while not really made for it something that would appear like a classic VM (as outlined by @xenoid) you can achieve "a full remote desktop in the container" via xrdp, see this reddit post for some details.

The TL;DR would be:

$ sudo apt install xrdp
$ sudo apt install xorgxrdp
$ sudo apt install xrdp-pulseaudio-installer

I think depending on the ubuntu version you might need to enable the services and then connect with the RDP client of your choice.

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