I have Ubuntu 18.04, and when I press the PrtScr button on my laptop, the file gets saved to ~/Pictures.

If I press Ctrl+PrtScr, then the file gets saved to my clipboard.

I want to default somehow, such that whenever I print PrtScr alone, it still automatically copies it inside my clipboard.

Is this possible? I would like the screenshot to also be a part of my ~/Pictures, but if I forget to press Ctrl, I still want it to be copied.

How can this be done?

I have GNOME installed.


Just a Workaround

  1. Disable the Shortcut key for Print
  2. make the Shortcut Print for 'Copy a screenshot to clipboard'
  3. make the Shortcut Ctrl+Print for 'Save a screenshot to Pictures'

enter image description here


It is possible to rebind the keyboard shortcut in gnome-shell:

Applications > System Tools > Settings > Keyboard > Search > 'Clipboard' > Copy a screenshot to clipboard > PrtSc > Replace:

enter image description here

To have it do both, you'd want to create a custom shortcut pointing to a script:


gnome-screenshot -c
gnome-screenshot -f $HOME/Pictures/Screenshot_$(date +$Y%m%d_%H%M%S).png

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