Background info

Computer one:
OS: Ubuntu 18.04,
Username: userone.

Computer two:
OS: Lubuntu 18.10,
Username: usertwo.

The problem

I am having problems with a LUKS encrypted USB stick.

The USB stick was created on computer one and I have no problems using the USB stick on this computer. When I take the USB stick to computer two and type in the same passphrase I use on computer one to decrypt the USB stick, computer two gives the following error message:

Error unlocking /dev/sdd1: Failed to activate device: Operation not permitted

Any idea why?

  • Is cryptsetup installed? – guillermo chamorro Jun 28 at 19:49
  • @guillermochamorro Yes already installed: cryptsetup is already installed at the requested version (2:2.0.4-2ubuntu2). – oshirowanen Jun 28 at 20:45
  • This is a long shot, but, is your keyboard configuration the same in bot machines? maybe you have a symbol in your pass that is typed differently in both machines. Try writing the password in plain text. – guillermo chamorro Jun 28 at 21:26
  • @guillermochamorro, got it working by chowning the usb drive on the 2nd computer. – oshirowanen Jun 28 at 21:38


You have to chown the usb stick on the computer you want to decrypt it:

sudo chown usertwo:usertwo -R [path to usd stick goes here]

After this, it decrypts without a problem.

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