I have two strongswan VPN's (or l2tp/ipsec) with same configuration and I can't connect to second one which uses pre-shared key which contains double quote, ie. "

I can connect to first one without double quote in preshared key. When I change preshared key intentionaly to wrong one, output in syslog describing error is very similar to output of second VPN connect try.

Thus I think I need to escape double quote in preshared key somehow in order to make it work, however these didn't help:

Any idea?

I use Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver


In the strongswan docs, it says "The sequence cannot contain newline or double-quote characters"

So you'll either have to:

  • convince them that such an unstandard policy is foolish (unlikely)
  • just get another key that has no newlines and double quotes
  • patch it
  • Thanks for reply @Peter, on same page there is also: Alternatively, preshared secrets can be represented as hexadecimal or Base64 encoded binary values. Also kindly see that I already posted link to that page in my question. – Ľubomír Mlích Aug 26 '19 at 18:29

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