I've recently been trying to install Xubuntu on my older laptop but i've been having some problems. Whenever I try to boot from my usb, it makes it to the loading screen with the spinning circle but after a little while, it just stops. I've tried using xubuntu 19.04 as well as 19.10 and the problem still persists.

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    The first think I would do is run the 'check disc for defects' to ensure your ISO was downloaded & written to your install media correctly. (the Lubuntu documentation shows it in first screen - manual.lubuntu.me/1/1.3/installation.html, though on some boxes you have to hit a key to get the menu to display on xubuntu [hardware specific]). If that shows no issues then I'd think about what video hardware was in your unstated box, but check install media would be my first step. – guiverc Jun 26 at 1:29
  • @guiverc I ran the test and it said no errors were found. – TheAmazingAndrew Jun 26 at 2:04

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