Openstack swifts3 on release Mitaka worked as expected with s3cmd and/or boto3. I've recently performed rolling upgrades using Juju and am currently at the openstack Pike release. Openstack swift3 now returns an error of invalidURI for any S3 operation attempted. The native swift API still works as expected.

A typical error response from the swift-proxy node (and corresponding s3cmd) using temporary ec2 credentials (click here) is attached. Note that timestamps may not be consistent due to cutting/pasting from terminal). Anything that I missed in the release notes?

I'll be performing a rolling upgrade to Queens next and am finished as our base OS is ubuntu 16.04.

Thanks in advance.

Update 1: Ok... so this appears to be a keystone issue that I'm digging into. Keystone is failing to authenticate the ec2 credentials. Mitaka was using UUID based tokens. Keystone is complaining about access to credential_key directory. I'm reading up on the changes, but some pointers would be appreciated to help me quickly restore S3 compatibility to Swift.

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