I received a pdf file which was created in Adobe. Now I had to edit this pdf file. I opened it in LibreOffice. But either the page or the text was not in the correct format. The texts were exceeding the page boundary like this : enter image description here

So, when I'm saving it as pdf after necessary edits, I am losing those texts outside the page. I tried to change the format of text from Fromat > Text > adjust to contour.

Nothing happened and honestly I don't have a clue about why this is happening, what to do or how to change spacing/bullets properties or anything in Ubuntu.

Please help.


The pdftotext may assist, in terminal do

apt search pdftotext


apt search pdf

For further details: https://github.com/EvertonCa/PDFtoText



Self uses occasionally to extract text from PDFs am not sure about entire PDF documents.

BTW am NOT sure correctly extracts exactly due different code, layouts, texts in PDF documents.


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