someone who can help me please!!!

I want to setting an static IP.

My file is...

This file is generated from information provided by the datasource. Changes to it will not persist across an instance. To disable cloud-init's network configuration capabilities, write a file /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/99-disable-network-config.cfg with the following: network: {config: disabled}


        dhcp4: no
        dhcp6: no
        addresses: []
            addresses: [,]
version: 2

sudo netplan apply Invalid YAML at /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml line 9 column 0: found a tab character that violate intendation

I can't find a solution

Thanks for your time.

  • Your config as posted is invalid, but it's impossible to tell how much of this is due to bugs in the file on your system vs rendering bugs in your post here. Can you please fix up your question so that the code block displayed on this webpage matches the file on your system (including indentation)? – slangasek Jun 26 at 10:39

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