I have a problem that I don't have internet on Xubuntu Xenail using the device Huawei Mobile Wifi (e5220), it's a USB hotspot device, it conects to 3G+ bands for internet all on its own, and acts as a router that wifi devices can connect to. On windows and puppy linux it works just fine, from what I understand it uses the ethernet protocol through USB, so on windows it shows up as if it were another ehternet connection, but on Puppy Linux it's seen as wwan0, in either case, it works when it dials itself, not when I have to specify APN or any of that like a regular broadband dongle.

I've gotten it to detect it as a broadband adapter on Xubuntu, so I can see the proper ISP name and signal strength, but try as I might, if I add a connection, it doesn't finish connecting to it, and of course no internet.

Here's the info from the script:


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