I have lightdm-mini-greeter installed. When I sign in, a black screen shows up with the message started bpfilter then reverts back to the login screen. These are my configurations.





user = zoe
show-password-label = true
password-label-text = Password:
invalid-password-text = Invalid Password
show-input-cursor = true
password-alignment = right

mod-key = meta
shutdown-key = s
restart-key = r
hibernate-key = h
suspend-key = u

font = "Sans"
font-size = 1em
text-color = "080800"
error-color = "#F8F8F0"
background-image = ""
background-color = "#1B1D1E"
window-color = "#F92672"
border-color = "#080800"
border-width = 2px
layout-space = 15
password-color = "#F8F8F0"
password-background-color = "#1B1D1E"

Any suggestions on what I should do?

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