Installed Ubuntu 19.04 on my Samsung s51 notebook in dual boot UEFI mode, most works out fine even the most essential fn keys like volume and brightness.

Problem is the keyboard backlight won't work:

  • xset led 1-32 won't work
  • fn + f8 won't even register input in acpi_listen
  • can't seen to be able to install samsung-tools voria ppa won't connect.
  • acpi_osi= disables the trackpad, acpi_osi=linux and acpi_backlight=vendor has no effect whatsoever.

Workaround is booting windows to enable then booting ubuntu but there's really no way to do this on linux?

  • Same problem with a Samsung S50 style. Nothing seems to work... :( – Jander Jun 30 at 19:08

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