I currently have a .sh script that opens 3 new tabs for me and runs a task inside that terminal window:

gnome-terminal --working-directory=/home/hutber/site/refdata_service --tab -e "yarn start:dev" --title "RefData!"

However, when I am inside this tab and exit out of the process with cntrl+c the tab closes and I need to manually go a start the process again.

I would like these tabs to stay open once I close the task.



Instead of running your program directly, use a construct such as

sh -c "<your command> ; bash"

This will open a bash shell after running your command, and as such keep your tab open, until you type exit.

Alternatively, you can have your command included in a script, followed by the command "bash", and call the script as the command for your new gnome-terminal tab.

  • Thank you very much. I did not make it clear that I need it to open 3 separate tabs. This appears to run in your current window. – Jamie Hutber Jun 21 '19 at 9:23

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