I just downloaded VirtualBox 5.2 from the terminal using aptitude. This was my command:

sudo aptitude install virtualbox-5.2

Now I want to open the package but, there are no know commands(to my knowledge). Can anybody help me?

  • I don't know your release of Ubuntu, nor your source for the package, but I have installed virtualbox (packages.ubuntu.com/…) for my release, and it appears in the menus (under "system tools" as I'm using Lubuntu 19.10). Using the search function of menu system it'll locate it with just "vir" if I don't want to navigate and find it in submenus. – guiverc Jun 20 at 0:05
  • 1
    Do you wish to run (use) virtualbox, or open the downloaded package to inspect its contents? Your question can be interpreted either way. – Organic Marble Jun 20 at 10:47

If you only want to know what files are the package contains you can use

dpkg-deb --contents /path/to/your.deb

if you want to extract the files use

dpkg-deb --extract /path/to/your.deb /path/to/folder/you want them.

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