I've tried the following:

  • sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-software
  • sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Running on Ubuntu 19.04 and tried with Pi-hole disabled.




I found a fix:

sudo apt autoremove gnome-software && sudo apt install gnome-software

As my snap store app was apparently hanging and the search function was not working properly, I decided to install gnome-store in my ubuntu 20.04 and removed the snap store. However, I later changed my mind and decided to re-install the snap store. But to my surprise, it was showing a snap store, not ubuntu software. The steps I followed to reclaim the old ubuntu software (snap store) are:

  1. Completely removed and purged gnome-software using sudo apt purge gnome-software

  2. Then removed the snap-store using snap remove snap-store

  3. Then re-installed snap store using snap install snap-store

  4. To regain the standard ubuntu icon, use the following command:- snap refresh snap-store --channel=stable/ubuntu-20.04

This fixes the issue !!


For me, ending the process and re-opening solved the error.

  1. Open System Monitor and search for 'snap-store' process.
  2. Select the snap-store process and click 'End Process'.
  3. Re-open Ubuntu Software

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