Yesterday I have used partition tool in Windows for extending my C drive. After a few hours, my Windows OS is not identified and cannot boot the device. I used live-USB Ubuntu to look into the harddisk files. It shown my partitions as sda1, sda2, sda5 and I moved my files in C drive to other partition.

Today when I planned to format and install Ubuntu or windows using USB, my hard disk is shown in single partitions.

I want to install Ubuntu without damaging my data and partitions.

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    Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! Which partition is your “C drive”? Where did you move the files from it? What does it mean “showed in single partitions”? Please edit your post to explain. Also add the output of the command LC_ALL=C sudo parted -l. Don’t forget to apply code formatting to pasted terminal text. – Melebius Jun 19 at 7:45

It's backup time!

If you don't want to lose any of your data, stop trying to boot or change Windows and boot an Ubuntu live USB stick in Try Ubuntu mode and copy all of the data onto an external HDD. (you'll find all of your Windows disks can be mounted from said USB stick) and then:

  1. Install Windows again (off-topic here, but on-topic there )
  2. Install Ubuntu in dual boot
  3. Restore your data from the external HDD
  4. Start making regular backups!
    (You came close to losing everything today, protect yourself in the future!)

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