I tried to map the arrow key to a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+ respectively hjkl key with xdotool so that I don't need to leave the home row even if I am editing something outside vim. Almost no application use the Ctrl and Alt keys together, so I guess it won't override any application shortcuts. To do that I associated the shortcuts with the command /bin/bash -c "sleep .001 && xdotool key --clearmodifier --repeat 1 --delay 0.001 Up". and /bin/bash -c "sleep .001 && xdotool key --clearmodifier --repeat 1 --delay 0.001 Down" and respectively Left,Right. I use Gnome3 ubuntu18.04. I couldn't figure out what is wrong, why doesn't it work. Now if there is any solution for this using xkb then it would be great, I couldn't find a way using xkb, so I took a easy way, which didn't work either.

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