Has anybody installed this printer with Ubuntu 18.04 ? Looking at the Epson website, it seems that no Linux driver has been developped for it (only for windows and mac OS). Can we use another driver e.g XP-950 instead ? Thanks


I have never owned an Epson printer, but I replied to a similar query yesterday on the Linux Mint forums

Briefly, it looks as if there is some kind of bug on the Epson website's search facility. It gives no results for Linux if you search for XP-8500 but if you search instead for XP-850 (which is a different printer) it gives 7 results of which 3 actually relate to the XP-8500 - a printer driver, a printer utility and a scanner driver.

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  • Good news ! I spent a couple of hours on the telephone with Epson aftersale service and they seem to ignore it! – Captain_Frog Jul 5 '19 at 6:45

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