The file contents similar to below


I want to remove everything after dot and changes should be overwrite in same file


Tried below , but this requires redirect to another file, which i dont want

sed "s/\..*//" Filename  > File2

You can't redirect to the same file: the obvious problem with sed "s/\..*//" Filename > Filename is that the shell opens Filename for writing (and overwrites it) before the file is read by sed.

You'd need to redirect output to a different file, delete the original file, and then rename the newly created file the same as the original. Sed, Perl and AWK can do this for you:

  • sed -i
  • perl -i
  • awk -i inplace

Alternatively, you can use sponge:

  • sed "s/\..*//" Filename | sponge Filename

sponge keeps buffering what it receives from standard input, and only then writes it to Filename.


Use -i:

sed -i 's/\..*$//' Filename

-i[SUFFIX], --in-place[=SUFFIX]
edit files in place (makes backup if SUFFIX supplied)

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