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Where can I get themes and eye-candy for my desktop?

Other than the normal sites (IE: Gnome-Look, Webup8, OMGU, etc)


All of the above, in addition to deviantART. Most higher quality themes (of any type) are found on deviantART, and while it has its share of low-quality stuff, it's fairly easy to filter.


Just in case you are not aware of it, there are some fairly nice ones available in the repository,I recommend you try the community-themes and shiki-colors, shiki-colors is quite elegant I think. You may very well not need any more with these. the community-themes package contains these: Kin, Night Impression, Impression, Hanso, Turrican, Homosapien, Sorbet and Wasp-Murrine. Sorbet is a favourite of mine, I only modify the window border, using the one from Radiance.


Try this themes PPA (it currently holds probably the most popular themes/icons that don't have a PPA yet - Faenza has a PPA but ignore the main Faenza icon theme in the PPA, it's there just because some themes depend on it)


Bisigi Project offers some nice themes for gnome environment. Check if there is any u like ;)


The community-themes package contains additional themes by the Ubuntu community.

To install it, search the Software Center for community-themes or run sudo apt-get install community-themes in a terminal.

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