For the first time EVER - Ubuntu will not load. It was working fine this morning, but since it will not work. I cannot get it past the initial security area where it asks for a password, but even then - it will not load it enough so that the password can be entered. I am not tech savvy, but I'd like to keep the previous files, and links - then reinstall Ubuntu back on the system. Ideally I'd like to wipe it clean but only have the Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition Single Disc.

Can anyone help with a walk through?


You should check if you can boot your PC with a Live-CD. If not, the Hardware is seriously broken. If you can, you can access your files, backup them and reinstall the system. However I doubt that a new install would work for long, as an Ubuntu installation hardly just breaks without faulty Hardware or the user manipulating the system in a wrong way.

  • I did a reinstall side by side apparently the computer also has 10.4 on there. I may decide to update the version I am using since it's online. I am having trouble though that the mouse is not being completely responsive. I can't double click with the mouse on things, I have to highlight with the mouse, and then hit the enter button to make the function I want work. Anyone by chance know what I did wrong on the install or can it be corrected without another installation? – James Mar 22 '12 at 21:57

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