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I have a problem with Kubuntu 19.04 in my 13" FHD (1920x1080) laptop screen. enter image description here enter image description here The login screen is too small as was the whole Plasma KDE.

I was able to re-scale the screen to 1.5 (150%) enter image description here and now Plasma KDE looks great but the login screen still remains small (FHD scaled) though when I come back from Suspend mode the login screen do re-scales to 150%.

There is no file called sddm.conf under /etc/, as written in the project's github page, in my OS sddm.conf located under /etc/init.

I have added the lines

ServerArguments=-nolisten tcp -dpi 144

At beginning of /etc/init/sddm.conf where 144 represents my base resolution in DPI as written in the X-Server information * 1.5enter image description here but still it doesn't fix the login screen resolution scale.

Any suggestions will be gladly welcomed.


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