What i'm trying to do, is take an existing XFCE and just switch the accent colour by changing its hue.

I've search-replaced all occurrences of the colours (darker and light shades of the accent colour) that i've found through screenshots first, but there were still some inconsistencies. Then, i've manually replaced all the colours that i found through \#[a-f0-9]{6} for hex colours, and rgba?\s?\([^\)]+\) for rgb and rgba colours.

However, some hover effects still have the old hue (button hovers, and window buttons in the panel), because i can't find where their declarations are.

The only resource i've found is this: https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/theming.html, but i don't see a proper specific list of selectors, and which elements they target. So i don't know how to find that out, and you guys, who create themes, know this stuff?

So, how would i go about finding out what their selectors are? And then potentially how do i find out other selectors if i notice any inconsistencies later?

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