I am looking for some basic guidance. I am looking to setup a simple file server on a laptop running bionic beaver to access with mobile devices, however i want to access files by connecting to bluetooth in place of a wifi or lan network connection.

I live and work in a rural area. im a tractor mechanic. not much in the way of internet access or cell phone signal. the idea is that i can leave the laptop in the truck and have 30 feet or so to connect to blutooth with my phone to view a folder with all my pdf files etc. this way i would use less time washing hands every time i need to look at diagrams and specs while i am working.

i realize it might be easier to just put said file(s) on my phone or tablet I am just wondering if this is plausible....

  • so your phone is not wifi enabled ? – solsTiCe Jun 13 at 6:23
  • It's probably easier to configure your laptop as a wifi hotspot, and let the phone connect to this. It has higher bandwidth and longer range. – vidarlo Jun 13 at 7:31

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